Classico Ltd. was founded in Hong Kong in the year 2001 to serve customers around the world in supplying high quality products made in China. Initially, the majority of our business was in the supply of hardware related items. With the growing demand from our customers, we are now in a position to supply not only a comprehensive range of hardware products, but also complete solutions for bathrooms, lighting and electrical products, home appliances and many more.
Today, we are proud to be working with many customers from all around the world from Australia, Asia, Africa, Europe and, South and North America. With our China office located in Guangzhou, we are able to bring customers closer to the factories. We have done the most important job for customers in identifying reliable factories which always stands up to ours and our customers' expectations. Customers have the confidence in us that we will always deliver the right products on time, every time. Our aim has always been and will always be to deliver high quality products to our customers from all around the globe.
It is our practice to take our valuable customers to visit factories with whom we have had several years of good business relationships. Sometimes, customers have their choice of factories already in their contacts, but choose us as a catalyst in achieving their high demands for controlling and achieving quality expectations.
We have warehousing facilities in Guangzhou where most of our products are readily available for immediate delivery. Some customers choose to order small quantities from several suppliers, mainly wholesalers in the market, and use our facilities as a point of delivery before loading in to containers and shipping them all together.
Our scope of supply is not only limited to our core products mentioned earlier, but we are also assisting our customers in sourcing many other items. No job is too little or too big for us. We are well equipped to keep our customers satisfied.
If you are looking for Chinese products and need a reliable hand in China, then, look no further! Let us know about your next plan to visit China and we will be happy to meet you to learn about your requirements, and also it will be an opportunity for us to build our trust. With Classico, you are at the right place, and in safe hands!
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